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Thursday, 31 January 2019

64 Yogini Yantra

64 Yogini Yantra
64 yogini yantra is used to get our all works done by yoginis. These are the powers around Goddess Durga. Each yogini has its own powers and hold on nature in different forms. Even the Goddess sent them to get her work done for her devotees. These yoginis are fully capable to protect you from all kinds of tantra mantra and any kind of evil spells. 

Make this yantra on Poornima or Full Moon day with the ink of ashtgandha, pen of rose to write with, clean water or Gangajal to make ink of. Use this yantra as a Taweez or as a picture in the temple of your home.  Meditate OM daily and say your prayer to the yoginis. They can give you hints or tell something about the work or wish, you have asked them for, in the dreams. So, when you go to bed for sleeping at night of anytime, order yourself to remember the dream always. By this way, you will be able to remind the dream even after waking up. You will not forget it. 

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