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Calling Time

We are getting a lot of calling traffic and it is increasing day by day gradually. It has become a very hectic situation before us that we are to bound you with calling timings to Guru Kulbhushan Swami to get solution of your all problems. In fact, he is very busy. It is very difficult for him to attend all the calls coming world wide. He has also to perform the rituals for the people who are already in queue for tantra solution using shabar mantra or other spells. If calls are attended all the time, when will the worships or other rituals related to tantra be done? So, keeping the situation in view, all of you are requested to call him during the timings as given below. Please note the all the calling timings are Indian Standard Time (IST).

Morning hours : 8 am to 9.30 am (Appointed calls only)
Evening hours : 12.30 pm to 2 pm; 5.30 pm to 7 pm.
9 pm to 11 pm (Foreign nationals only)
(Timings are as per Indian Standard Time zone)

It is highly recommended to send emails regarding your questions or send messages on WhatsApp number. Do not call him for every small question. You are advised to go through our website, blog and our terms and conditions as well before asking. Sometimes, people ask the questions which are already answered many times in the blog or forum in various discussions.

Guru Kulbhushan Swami is generally known as an angry spiritual man in India. His policy is blood for blood. Evil for evil. No humanity or emotions in granting justice. Justice delayed is equal to justice denied. Humanity with the human and inhumanity with the inhuman. Tit for tat. And only OM, Allah or the supreme Almighty is worthy to be worshipped. Gods or goddesses, prophets, gurus or other Super Natural Powers are His servants only nothing else. That’s it.

If you are in traffic or any place where a lot of noise is there, please do not call him. He firmly scolds in such cases as sometimes no one from both sides is able to listen each other and it makes him angry all of a sudden. If you have no time to listen him properly, please do not call him. First of all, come at a lonely and peaceful place where you can listen him in one time only. He does not repeat or commonly does not speak loudly one word or sentence again and again make it listened you properly. Please be aware. You are also requested to make calls on the time, you are given to contact him.

Kulbhushan Swami
Email : shabarmantraonline.gmail.com
Ph. (+91)-9958757955.

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