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Magic Spells

Magic spells are used to cast black or white magic on someone. These spells are also used for the mankind to stop evil spells and some other useful wishes to come true. Many spells are being given here to solve your different problems. Use them and get benefited.
1. To bring an abducted or lost person come back.
Often we come to know that “that person” has gone away from his house after getting angry on some domestic issue or someone has burgled “that person” and abducted him. Sometimes, one, who is mentally ill, goes away without any reason. It creates a lot of problems before the family. To bring such person back, use the following Naqsh or Yantra as following:-
Take a cloth of “the person”. Make the above naqsh or yantra on that cloth using red sandalwood with your little finger on an auspicious point of time. After that fold the cloth property and put it under a heavy weight, stone or bed etc. That’s it. Just wait for few days. The person will come back soon.
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