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Acharya Anandmani Rishi

Know the sage Acharya Anandmani Rishi

This is a true legend happened thousands of years back when there was cold age on the earth. When all the Gods and Goddesses became arrogant and used to think themselves as the owner of the Universe, the Supreme Almighty, the eternal being made the Demon God and gave him boon that he would not be killed by any God. The Supreme being granted him many unlimited powers to defeat the Gods. Further, that Demon God made his servants who were giants. They pleased the Gods with their adoration and got different boons. They became more powerful than Gods and then they invaded on the empire of the Gods, heaven and conquered it. The giants threw them out of the heaven and imprisoned them.

It caused Ice Age on the earth at that time. It took around 500 years since creation of the Demon God. Now the demon god was the most powerful soul in the universe. Nobody was as powerful as he was. Taking himself the most powerful everywhere, he also became arrogant and started to afflict the Gods in his prison. It made the Eternal being angry at him. The Gods also prayed to the Supreme being to get them free from that evil. Then, the Supreme Being made a human in the form of fire, a flame, who was the most powerful of all the Gods and lover to all. He was a powerful sage. His name was Acharya Anandmani Rishi, a unique creation of the Supreme Being.

One of the giant servant of the demon god is Kaal. He had got boons that

he cannot be killed by a creature who is son or daughter of anyone.
he cannot be killed by a human who got birth from the womb of a lady.
and he cannot be killed by any God (or Goddess).
and these three boons made him so much powerful in the creation that, even the trinity cannot kill him. The only person, who is beyond all these three boons, is Acharya Anandmani Rishi as this sage is neither son of anybody nor he got birth from the womb of lady and nor he is a God. This sage is also standing beyond the powers and boon given to the Giant God, the God of all giants, the evils including Kaal.

Acharya Anandmani Rishi made the Gods free from the prison of the Demon God and let them get their empire, the heaven. Thus the Gods became free from the affliction of the Demon God and the proud as well. They started keeping their duties towards the creation as before, being on their places in the Universe.

Acharya Anandmani Rishi is full of love, emotions, humanity and respect towards the Supreme Being, his creator. He is one of the most powerful creations in the Universe by the Supreme Almighty. We are always proud of him as he was a human being who gave life to Gods by the powers of his creator. We respect him always.

By: Marakshanand Prabhu