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Tantra and Sex

tantra and sex are deeply connected on eternal level as sex is the base of life and divine form of exchange of male and female energy. Sex has the topmost place in tantra. It is kept mysterious always to prevent from misuse. Tantra is based on to be physical to metaphysical for which the easiest way for one is to get energy from opposite sex. It is a kind of exchanging divine energies. The one who will try to misuse it may get severe dire consequences. In fact, this entire creation is based on sex. Here sex does not mean to sexual intercourse only, but getting the divine cosmic energy to be one with Omkar the omnipotent.
In fact, it is very difficult for one to understand this nature without sex. People, often, feel shame to discuss on this matter and they generally take it wrong while it is a universal fact that except few species, everybody needs to have sex for reproduction. A male or a female always requires opposite sex energy to complete his or her existence and it is natural. You cannot stop it. Trying to stop this energy means you are trying to destroy yourself not only physically but also metaphysically.
Do not get into controversy but try to understand the universal truth. You will have to overcome from the thinking of a common man. See inside you. What you are made of! Nothing but a combination of two different energies i.e. male and female. Our parents had sex and we came into existence. But this is just physical which is mortal. When it comes on to be one with Omnipotent, you will need a lot of divine cosmic energy. There are many ways to have it. Bhairavi tantra defines it very well but it is very difficult for a simple human being to understand its importance and right definition.
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