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Yantra and Mantra

Yantra and the mantra of relevant deity

Different mantras are read with different yantras. Every yantra has its deity and mantra. It is very necessary to energize a yantra before or while using it. The deities are under mantras. When these mantras are read properly, the power of the yantra get increased and it brings your wishes come true. A list is given below which shows which mantra is to be read with which yantra. Please have a look. We wish you all the best. May God bless you success in all respect in your life!

Points to remember

Baglamukhi yantra
Om hreem baglamukhi sarvdustanam vachmmukham stambhay jihvaham kilay kilay buddhinashay hreem om swaha.
This mantra is used to defeat the enemies and to get their senses stopped and destroy them.
Budha yantra
Om braam breem braum sah budhay namah.

Chandra yantra
Om sraam sreem sraum sah chandray namah.

Dhan-daa yantra
Om gham hreem sreem ratipriye swaha

Durga yantra
Om dun durgay namah

Durga bisa yantra
Om hreem kleem mam sarv vanchit dehi dehi swaha.

Ganesh (siddhi) yantra
Om gan ganpatye namah.

Gayatri mantra
Om bhurbhavah: swah: tatsavitur-varenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yonah prochodyat.

Brahspati (Guru) yantra

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