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The Supreme Being

Who is the Supreme Being
The Supreme Almighty is invisible and HE has no form and no size. He exists everywhere in “nothing” form. He is said “Nirakar” as HE is beyond from being a matter. HE is beyond everything even from space and time. He has made Himself as “OM” which is known as Akshar-Brahm. Om is vibrating everywhere in the universe. This vibration is known as “Omkar” and said the “Pranav Sound” the sound of Supreme being. Omkar sound is called Anhad naad as it is begot from nowhere. It is the sound of eternal being.
The Supreme Almighty further made three deities which are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. These deities are called the Trinity, Tridev or Devadhidev in hinduism. Omkar granted them many powers to run the creation. Lord Brahma was made to make the creation, Lord Vishnu to run and maintain it properly and Lord Mahesha or Shiva to get it ended or welfare. On the order of the Omkar, Lord Brahma made the three worlds and everything. He made the further Gods, Goddesses, giants and the man. Each and every species of the world is made by Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu is running this creation and maintaining it since billions of years. Lord Shiva is keeping his duty. Hence everybody is a servant of Him, nothing else. The interesting fact is that nobody knows why he or she is doing so. Even lord Brahma does not know why he has made this creation and nobody knows who is HE? Everybody is doing his duty what he or she is made for.
HE is looking at us every moment and collects the deeds we perform in time. HE will stop you what you are going to do or doing but HE will bring its result of it at an appropriate time. HE has made Time control to run this creation and to give justice to everybody. Time is the most powerful of all and cannot be defeated. Becoming of day and night, moving the earth and everything is happening with time. Rising of different empires, civilizations and who will be the winner are decided by Time. Everybody is the winner at his or her time. You get nothing before or after time and hence time is precious. Never waste the time. Always respect the time and then go ahead. If, your time is weak or bad then you will get no success even after doing your best. Do not work hard at bad time just try to pass it amicably. Suppose, you are living in the kingdom of your enemy and his time is powerful, do not try to harm him. Wait for the right time when you surely will be the winner. Wait for your turn.
The Supreme Almighty is only one who is worthy to be worshiped. That’s why it is said in Islam “La-ilaha il-lal-lah….” Which means no one except Allah is worthy to worship. HE sends many divine souls like prophets or gurus to guide us time to time so that we may get welfare. Worship and meditate Om. Om is allah and Allah is Om. Remember there is no specific way to worship HIM. You can even worship the Supreme Almighty in your mind. You need not to have any money. Just worship HIM as per your own definition under humanity and get welfare.
May God bless to all of you!
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