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Evil Spells

Evil spells are used to destroy someone. These are very dangerous up to the extent that even can kill someone. Giantess powers are used in these spells and they possess the mind or body of “The Target”. Such spells are very common these days and people use them particularly in jealous feelings to destroy someone. One’s destiny, marriage, profession, career, education, parenthood or business etc. can be bound using these spells. By this way, he gets nothing even after his best efforts and ultimately become unsuccessful. Evils spells inspire one to end his life i.e. commit suicide. These spells create dire consequences before you and destroy peace and harmony of the family. Domestic violence gets increased and the family is dispersed.

We are giving different mantras to stop evil spells against you anyway. It is all in the interest of mankind. Please do not misuse them anyway. It may bounce back you and create dire consequences in your life ahead.
Spirit problem – Evil Curse by a lady which comes true and affects people’s life and consequences.

1. Mantra to uproot a spirit problem (Sometimes when one is going through graveyard or cemetery ground or any lonely places where it is believed that ghosts or some unsatisfied spirits are there, these souls may possess him or her and the one has to bear a lot of troubles even sexual harassment. Use this mantra to solve such evil issues. This mantra is also known as “Sarv masaan badha nivaran mantra”.
Safeda masaan guru gorakhnath ki aan
yamdand masaan kaal bhairo ki aan
sukiya masaan lona chamarin ki aan
phuliya masaan gore bhairo ki aan
haldiya masaan kakoda bhairo ki aan
piliya masaan dilli ki yogini ki aan
kamodiya masaan kalka ki aan
kikdiya masaan ramchandra ki aan
michmichiya masaan shiv shankar ki aan
silsiliya masaan veer mohammada peer ki aan.
Procedure: – Read the mantra 21 times on Friday with burning lobaan and two joss sticks. It will get energized. When to use, make an exorcism of the victim using this mantra. Drinking or taking a bath with energized water by this mantra will be much effective. The spirit problem will get removed. Note: make a circle around the victim while doing exorcism of him or her.
2. Voodoo spell to curse your untrue lover
This is a revenge spell to punish a false lover who has cheated you. It is highly advisable to think hundreds of times before using it. The Supreme Almighty is looking at you always.
To revenge oneself on a faithless lover, light a candle at midnight and prick it with a needle, saying:
Thrice the candle’s broke by me, thrice your heart shall broke be.
Then bury hair from the stomach of an animal under your enemy’s doorstep. That’s it.
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