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List of Yantras

List of yantras generally used

1 Shri Siddh Ganesh Yantra
2 Shri Subha Labha Yantra
3 Shri Yantra sada
4 Shri Yantra Sampuran
5 Shri Mahalaxmi Yantra
6 Shri Lamxmi Prapti Yantra
7 Shri Durgha (Aamba ji ) Yantra Sachitra
8 Shir Durgha Yantra
9 Shri Durgha Bisa yantra
10 Shri Nau Durgha Yantra
11 Shri Durgha chautisa Yantra
12 Shri Siddhi Maha Durlabh Yantra
13 Shri Gayatri Yantra
14 Shri Gayatri Bisa Yantra
15 Shri Navgrah Yantra
16 Shri Mahamritunja Yantra
17 Shri Baglamukhi yanta
18 Shri Hunuman yantra
19 Shri Mahakali yantra
20 Shri Ram Yantra sachitra
21 Shri Mangal Yantra
22 Shri Sukh samridhi Yantra
23 Shri Vishnu Yantra
24 Shri Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra Sachitra
25 Shri Bhairo Yantra
26 Shri Vashikaran Yantra
27 Shri Karya Siddhi Yantra
28 Shri Sarv karya Siddhi Yantra
29 Shri Gauri Yantra
30 Shri Kuber Yantra
31 Shri Vahan Durghtna Nashak Yantra
32 Shri Surya Yantra
33 Shri Chandra Yantra
34 Shri Mangal Yantra
35 Shri Ketu Yantra
36 Shri Guru Yantra
37 Shri Shuk Yantra
38 Shri Sani Yantra
39 Shri Rahu Yantra
40 Shri Siddhi Gopal Yantra
41 Shri Santan Gopal Yantra
42 Shri Sarswati Yantra
43 Shri Nidhi Pracheta Yantra
44 Shri Matasy Yantra
45 Shri Yasharaj Ghantakaran Mahavir Yantra
46 Shri Padmavati Yantra
47 Shri vyapar vridhi Yantra
48 Shri Navne Biso Yantra
49 Shri Anahat Yantra
50 Shri Navnath Yantra
51 Shri Dattatray Yantra
52 Shri Panchguli Devi Yantra
53 Shri Vishkarma Yantra
54 Shri Panchadashi Yantra
55 Shri Narsingh Yantra
56 Shri Sudarshan Yantra
57 Shri Kamla Yantra
58 Shri Sammohan Yantra
59 Shri Bhuneshwari Yantra
60 Shri Dhumawati Yantra
61 Shri Matdhagi Yantra
62 Shri Chinnamasta Yantra
63 Shri Tripur Bhairvi Yantra
64 Shri Tripur Bhairvi Yantra
65 Shri Dhshin Kali Yantra
66 Shri Ghrah Pida Nivarak Sani Yantra
67 Shri Maha Sudharshan Yantra
68 Shri Chakra Yantra
69 Shri kalasarp Yantra
70 Shri Ram Rasha Yantra
71 Shri Trilokya Vishkarma Laxmi Yantra
72 Shri Vijay Raj Yantra
73 Shri Vastu Yantra
74 Shri Lagan Yog Yantra
75 Shri Dhan-da Yantra

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