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Exorcism is to make the devil come out of one’s body who is possessed. There are many ways for one to be possessed by devil. Evil spells, Black magic spells, Spirit spells, Ruhani ilm, voodoo spells and some other devil spells are burning examples of them. Often, some people around us cast evil spells on us in jealous feelings and one may get affected with ghost, jinn, hamzad, pishach or other spirit problem. These evil spirits possess one’s body and even may start doing sexual harassment. It is the worst situation particularly in girls and ladies in which she, herself, and the family members or anyone else cannot help her to get rid of that giant soul. She is fully controlled by the evil spirit and even may kill her. Exorcism is the only solution in such cases.
The affected persons are generally stares in zero, like living alone, become violent all of a sudden on petty issues, become lazy, like no work to do, have to face digestion system problem, lever problem and some other unexpected and dangerous private diseases. In fact, the metaphysical body is possessed by the evil spirit and they make one’s like hell and the affected person always think of committing suicide as the only way to get rid of that evil. It is recommended to execute the exorcism by an expert exorcist to get rid of the evil souls.
Ladies are often affected by evil spirits. Jinns or Hamzaad commonly possess beautiful ladies and they harass them sexually. Ghost or pret possess people to say something or convey their message about what they want. A person who got died before his death may come in one’s dream or body to convey his message. If they are bad to someone then they may even try to kill the possessed person. Ladies are generally involve in paranormal activities and thus they have firm belief about possession. Their mindset is like that. They do what the moulvi or aamil says. Any evil spirit may possess such girls or ladies in these activities and creates dire consequences before her. Some videos which are supposed to be trustworthy are being given hereby for further consideration and make it clear that stay away from evil.
1.Possession of Jinn on a lady to be with her forever (Muslim evil spirit) – part 1

Part – 2

2. Violent demonic possession – Violent manifestation of a ghost trying to chok the lady.

3. Sexual abuse of lady by a male spirit

Evil is none’s partner. Evil is evil. Do not get into it anyway.
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