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Jinn – The muslim ghost
Jinn is a muslim pret which is generally invisible and has many spiritual powers beyond humans. Please go through the videos below which will help you to understand the world of Jinn or Jinnat. You will learn the types of Jinnat and their lifestyle as well as their impact on the humanity.
There are two kinds of Jinn, male and female AND they are also categorized in many forms on the basis of their powers and kind. Generally people come affected with male jinn where a woman is possessed by an evil male jinn. Evil male jinn or jinnat possess body and mind of a female to have sex with her. This kind of jinn is very stubborn and does not leave the woman easily. In the sexual possession, the penetration speed is very high and the woman will not be able to move anyway. Her body is captured and under full control of the Jinn. She will be feeling everything but will not be able to get rid of it. The affected woman will become very weak and her immune system will not work properly. Her medical reports will be normal but she will be abnormal.

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