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Vidveshan Mantras

Vidveshan Mantras

Vidveshan Mantras are used to create bloody fights between two or more individuals by creating higher misunderstandings between them. It causes enmity among the targets.
शक्तिशाली विद्वेषण मन्त्र (Powerful mantra for creating differences or fights i.e. Vidveshan)
आक ढाक दोंनों बगराई।
अमुका अमुकी ऐसे लड़े।
जैसे कुकुर बिलाई।
आदेश गुरू सत्य नाम को॥
Mantra in English:
Aak dhak dono bagrai, amuka amuki aise lade jaise kukur bilaai, adesh guru satya naam ko.
Procedure: -Take some dry woods of butea monosperma and one fresh leaf of Aak tree. Write this mantra with black ink on this fresh leaf. Go to a lonely place and light fire there with the wood. Throw this leaf in the fire reading this mantra. It would be better if you do so 108 times. Soon there will be fights between the persons.
मित्रता विद्वेषण मन्त्र (Mantra for creating differences between friends or lovers)
ॐ नमः आदेश गुरू सत्य नाम को
बारहा सरसों तेरहा राई
बाट की मीठी मसान की छाई
पटक मारू कर जल वार
…….फूटे, देखे न…….द्वार
मेरी भक्ति गुरू की शक्ति
फुरो मंञ ईश्वरोवाचा।
Mantra in English:
Om namah adesh guru satya naam ko, baarah sarson terah raai, baat ki mithi masaan ki chhaai, patak maru kar jal vaar —-1—- phute, dekhe na —-2—- dwar, meri bhakti, guru ki shakti, phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.
Procedure: -Take some yellow mustard and its seed, fenugreek, dry woods of mango tree and butea monosperma and bring some ash from the cemetery ground. Mix all these things and perform a yajna or homan giving 108 ahutis. There will be videshan between two individuals.
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