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Stambhan Mantras

Stambhan Mantras
These mantras are used to stop the evil spells or tantra being cast or supposed to be cast on you or your family from anywhere. Some stambhan mantras are used for mankind to get success or protection in different respects. We are publishing some stambhan mantras here for the welfare of mankind. You can use them accordingly as per your need.
1. Stambhan mantra to spellbound the people (to persuade them for success)
This mantra is also known as Drishti Stambhan.
Om namoh kaal bhairo ghanghra wala
haath khadag phulo ki mala
chausath sau yogin sang me chola
dekho kholi nazar ka taala
raja praja dhyave tohi
sabki drishti bandhi de mohi
mai pujau tumko nit dhyay
bhari athaai sumiro tohi
tera keeya sab kuchh hoy
dekhu bhairon tere mantra ki shakti
chale mantra ishwaro vacha.
Procedure: – Go to a cemetery ground (shamshaan) and bring a little bit ash from there. Worship Lord Bhairo at home. Read this mantra 21 times and get the ash energized. Go to the place, where the people will come i.e. a hall, meeting room or ground etc. and blow it in the atmosphere there chanting this mantra again. All the people will get spellbound and agree with you.
2.1 Stambhan mantra for womb protection (Grabh raksha)
Om namoh thatho motho, mera kaha kijiye
“amuk” ka grabh, jate rakhi lijiye
meri bhakti guru ki shakti
phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.
Procedure: – Make a worship place for Keedrishi giantess. Take a black colored thread and energize it with this mantra. Bind the thread around the back of the pregnant lady. The womb will be protected. Use name of the pregnant lady in place of “amuk”.
2.2 Grabh Raksha (Progeny Protection)
Om namoh adesh guru ka, jai jai jai jai jaikar
gorakh baitha ghoruvar, jab lag gorakh jaap jape
jab lag raaj vibhishan kare, Gaura katya katna
ishwar baandhya ganda, rakhu rakhu sree hanumant bajrang
jo chhitka parta, anda doodth poot
ishwar ki maya, padta grabh sree gorakhnath ji rakhaya
meri bhakti, guru ki shakti, phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.
Procedure: – Take a black thread and read the mantra 21 times to energize it. After getting it energized, bind it around the back of the pregnant lady. Womb being aborted will get stopped.
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