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Sunday 17 April 2016

Learn tantra vidya

If you want to learn tantra vidya (education), it is necessary to know about the God and His nature. One of the most important factor is Time. All the supernatural powers and the incidents are controlled by Time in this creation and no one has the power to defeat it. Nobody can win the Time and it can even not be skipped anyway. Every existence in this creation has to go through the Time.

    When you think to learn tantra vidya, you will have to understand the Time and its passages, which different supernatural powers rule the creation through. This creation is ruled by many divine as well as evil powers from time to time. Everybody is successful in his time and nobody can defeat him anyway as the Time at that time, is in his favour.  So, before going ahead to learn tantra vidya, you will have to study on Time and its impacts on this creation and the supernatural powers as well.

     There are two types of supernatural powers. One is divine and the other one is evil. Both are successful in their phases of Time. Further, remember that each and every spell is done with the power of a supernatural existence. Spell caster is a medium only but in fact, the supernatural power, which is being called to complete the task of tantra or casting a spell, works metaphysically. The power works in paranormal and it is made to happen naturally but with the Time only.

    Interestingly, Time is also divided in two phases in a month. First-one-half is for evil powers or orphaned spirits AND the other-half-one is for divine powers of Gods and Goddesses or other good supernatural powers. It is decided on the different phases of Moon.  The Moon plays an important role to recognise the time factor to cast a spell by tantra.

     One has to give a long time to learn tantra vidya. You will have to leave the simple life and may have to adopted a hard life of dedication to your Guru or the teacher. You must be fully dedicated to it. Generally, the people do not have so much of patience and everybody wants to go by a short-cut or fast way. So, tantra is not for the people who are in want of a short-cut. You will have to go through the realities leaving illusion, hallucinations or other media-fantasies behind. tantra is a vast field and required a lot of sacrifices.

     You must be educated and minded enough. You must have a vast knowledge of the Space+Time, multi-dimensional existence and about the Matter beyond matter. You must have faith in God, the Eternal being, and the curiosity to get into the metaphysical world. It always requires a long journey of life and unconditional dedication to God, the Eternal being.

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